Mar 30, 2007
Celebrating Your Friends Birthday On Easter
If one of your friends or child is celebrating a birthday around Easter time, make it an "egg-ceptional" Bunny Birthday Party! Here are a few tips you can advice your Friends for loved ones on their Special Day easter birthday

Our Party Diva, Diane, has shared wonderful ideas for those children that don't mind celebrating with "the" Bunny... we added some family traditions.

Use a rabbit cookie cutter or make your own template to trace onto construction or flower paper. Cut out and add a cotton ball as the tale, sequins for the eyes and pieces of straw from the kitchen broom for whiskers.

Lucky To Have A Friend Like You !
Bring on the smiles of your friends with this warm and cute Easter wish.

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Loot Bags
Use pastel or brown lunch bags. Leaving them flat from the package, cut down from the top as the center between ears and then fold the top over from the back and glue together. Cut oval shaped ears from pink construction paper and glue on to the bag. Cut out a smaller oval shaped out of yellow construction paper and glue onto the pink. Draw bunny eyes and add straw (kitchen broom) for whiskers. Add two teeth (white construction paper outlined in black) and a cotton ball as the nose to hold it

Birthday Egg Hunt
An Easter egg hunt is a must. Fill plastic eggs with small toys, jelly beans and candies. Make about 12 per guest (color code them so guests hunt for their very own color) to make it fair so everyone gets the same number of eggs. As an added extra we hide a lucky egg with a dollar in it.

Keep or Choose Game
A fun game that makes all the guests have a great time. Buy a selection of prizes (a Dollar store is great for these). Wrap each one separately and tie with a ribbon. Stack the gifts on the floor. Give each child a plastic egg with a number in it. If you have twelve guests, for example, you'll have twelve numbers. The guests open their eggs up and then go in order of the numbers -- No. 1 is first to select any gift and opens it. No. 2 then has the option of selecting an un-opened gift or taking the gift from No. 1. If No. 1's gift is taken, he/she selects an un-opened gift and unwraps it for everyone to see. Guest No. 3 then can select from the un-opened pile of gifts or can take a gift from either No. 1 or No. 2. The game continues until all the guests have opened a gift. To end the game, Guest No. 1 gets to pick any gift he/she wants and trades with that person. Truly a fun game that drives everyone wild!

Wonderful Easter Wish !
Reach out to your friends on Easter with this warm and wonderful wish.

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More Bunny Birthday Party Games
Egg Roll
Set up a "finish line" at the end of a room. Create two teams of children. First child in each team has to push a plastic egg on the floor with their noses. When they reach the finish line, the child stands up, picks up the plastic egg and runs back to the next person on their team. Play continues until everyone on a team has rolled the egg with their nose -- they are the winners!

Where's My Egg?
Using a permanent marking pen, personalize plastic eggs and fill with candy. Hide these eggs in the yard and tell the children they must find only the egg with their name on it.


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Mar 29, 2007
True Friendships
This is sage advice for those who have been fortunate enough to find that one true friendship. Or perhaps you have maintained friendships from your days in elementary school. Whatever the case, friends are previous gifts we give to ourselves.

As children, friendships are vitally important, most notably as it relates to the socialization process. Meeting a new friend the first day of school is essential, especially if one is particularly shy. Perhaps another girl would sense the shyness and offer a hand in friendship. Forming friendships with others from different cultures enhances a child’s early experiences as well, and plants a seed that is healthy and which can be nurtured throughout life. But, preserving friendships are often difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Whether a friend moves away; or leaves school; or becomes ill, it is especially hard on a child. They are resilient, however, and somehow cope with the loss.

As the child becomes a teen, the word friendship takes on a different connotation. While some teens exhibit the closeness and bonding prevalent during their parents’ day; others are not so conducive to this type of friendship. Instead, they form gangs which they refer to as their family, and commit acts which were unheard of twenty or thirty years ago. It makes one wonder if this type of friendship is born out of a home where caring and nurturing is non-existent. Or has peer pressure to act and dress a certain way erased all that was taught in the early years of their childhood. Girls become vicious to each other; more so than boys, and it’s inconceivable that a meaningful true friendship exists in that environment.

Perhaps as we grow older, the child in us returns to the very first day we attended school. We appreciate and value the friends we’ve made in our adult life because they ground us; keep us balanced; watch out for us; protect us; care and help us when needed. True friendships require no expectations; they are unconditional by nature, and bring out the very best of who we are. We rely on each other for comfort; rant and rave knowing our friend will simply listen; discuss issues which we are passionate about, knowing we will be understood. Laugh together; cry together; then eat ice cream while laughing all the more. How rare is that kind of friendship? How blessed are we to have a true friend who will allow us to be who we are, without judgment. Yes, very rare indeed.

As we reach our golden years, our friends may have passed on, but the memories are still intact. We take out the old scrapbook and reminisce as we thumb through familiar pictures. Suddenly, we laugh and look to one side saying, “Remember……” then stop. A single tear falls down our cheek. We look up and smile because the years have not taken away the recollections of our youthful days, nor has the light of true friendship been extinguished.

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Mar 28, 2007
Childhood Friendships
Childhood friendships are as special as they are a necessary part of growing up. While some of our children will maintain these friendships into adulthood, many will not. Kids move away or they find other friends with more current interests and grow apart. Whatever form a childhood friendship is taking, know that these relationships are vital to your child’s well-being and growth as a human being.

Your child may have one very special friend from the time they are in diapers or they might have a gaggle of giggling girl friends or a thunderstorm of wild boy friends. These bonds can be helped along or a wedge can be placed between them by the parents. Depending upon your feelings about your child’s friend, you could welcome the child into your home and be gracious or you could find that the child your child is enthralled with is a demon incarnate. It’s up to you to teach your kids how to interact in healthy ways with their peers or how to let negative friendships go.

While I’ve been traumatized by a few of my daughters’ friends, I have liked most of them. The few children whom I found intolerable were not too welcome in my home, however, if one of my daughter’s insisted on a play date with that undesirable child, I would allow the friendship to take its course, mostly to try and figure out what in the world my child liked about her/him. Made for some interesting lessons in humanity. ;-) Most of these friendships have faded in good time, on their own. One or two of these kids have actually won me over and now are among my favorites, although I must admit these kids were basically OK to begin with. They just came with issues I didn’t want to deal with. I dealt for my child’s sake and all turned out well.

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A child who is a truly bad influence on your child will need to be shunned, as painful as that may seem to your child at the time. I find that if you adequately explain that the child in question isn’t very “nice” or has actually hurt or emotionally abused your child; this can be sufficient reason for your child to understand the situation without too much trauma. If they resist your urging to make new friends or avoid the horrid one, you will probably need to be tolerant until your child digests the circumstances and moves on in her own time. This helps your child learn to differentiate between people they want to spend time with, those they don’t and to make their own choices.

The children you like and who are good influences on your child should be invited over often. Have them stay for dinner, take them along on family or fun outings and allow them to become part of your extended family just as your own friends are. Children need to know their friends are welcome in their home. Treat their buddies with the same respect you would expect your children to treat your pals. They will see how you interact with others who visit and will learn how to be good friends and gracious hosts themselves.

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© Rexanne Mancini, 2000-
Rexanne Mancini is the mother of two daughters. She is a novelist, freelance writer and maintains an extensive yet informal parenting and family web site, - Visit her site for good advice, award-winning Internet holiday pages and some humor to help you cope. Subscribe to her free newsletter, Rexanne's Web Review, for a monthly dose of Rexanne:
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Mar 27, 2007
Top Five April Fools Gags to Fool Your Friends
April first is the one day of the year when messing with your friends' heads is not only sanctioned, but encouraged.

Before we get to the gags, a little warning. These gags will definitely annoy your victim, maybe even make them very angry. Use them at your own risk. We're not responsible for any ill will your friends (or enemies) may have towards you if you use these April Fools gaga on your Friends

What is the craziest prank you pulled at the office on April Fool’s Day? Hid crickets in the receptionist’s desk? Wrapped up an entire office in foil? Pretended to quit or fire someone? More than one-third of workers say they have played jokes like these at the office on April 1, according to’s annual April Fool’s Day survey. One-in-ten say they are cooking up new gags to pull on co-workers and managers this year. The survey was conducted from February 24 to March 3, 2005 of more than 1,700 workers.

The following are the top 10 most memorable pranks workers say they participated in or fell victim to at the office on April Fool’s Day:

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10. Gave a message to my boss to return a call to Mr. Lyon. The number was to the local zoo.

9. Pretended to go into labor when I was 8 months pregnant.

8. Froze co-worker’s car keys in a bucket of water.

7. Switched the boss’s lottery ticket with a fake winning one.

6. Tricked a fellow bank worker into thinking we were robbed while he was out to

5. Sent a manager with a reputation for "playing the field" a fake summons for child support.

4. Fooled the boss by setting up an interview with a female job candidate who actually turned out to be one of the male employees.

3. Placed live lobsters in a co-worker’s car.

2. Hired someone to play a police officer and arrest a co-worker.

1. Installed a working urinal in a co-worker’s office.

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"While office pranks can bring comic relief to the workday, it is important to know your audience and use good judgment," said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at "What may seem like harmless fun to some may be interpreted differently by others."

To view other surveys, visit
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Mar 26, 2007
Paying Attention To Your Friends
Paying attention to your friend in a conversation is called "attending." It means that your ears, your eyes, your body and your feelings are all focused on that person at the time. Attending includes:

Physical Presence

Friendships are a building process. You and your friend gradually share interests, feelings, and goals. Much of this is done by being together physically. Your physical presence shows your friend that you care about him. It affirms that he is important to you.


Focusing means all of your physical and psychological attention is directed toward your friend during the entire conversation. Your body language is good. You are facing and slightly inclined toward your friend. Your facial expressions show interest.

Keep the focus on your friend. Relating similar personal experiences or offering solutions to problems takes focus away from your friend and places it on you. Even though you may feel you are offering empathy or sympathy in this manner, it may seem that you can turn any conversation around to you.


Remember to look with your eyes.

A classic example of looking with "your eyes" is a child coloring while her mother cleans the kitchen. The child finishes a picture and says, "Look at this one, Mommy."

The mother mumbles, ' "That's great," while continuing to chop vegetables.

Finally the child says, "Look now, Mommy. Look with your eyes."


Good friends want to touch. Good friends touch comfortably.

Sometimes just sitting and holding the hand of a friend or touching them on the arm communicates our depth of feeling. When you need to offer comfort, extend encouragement, or express sympathy to a friend, a simple touch can say more than any words.

Men, in particular, have a hard time touching. When friendship has progressed, however, a pat on the back or a playful punch on the shoulder is acceptable to most men.

A friend's touch is comforting.

A Friend So True !
A heartwarming message for a friend who has always been by your side.

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A Friendship Ode !
Send this rhyme your friend/ best buddy's way.

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Mar 24, 2007
About Your Friends Born In April
Slightly unpredictable, aren't they? Well, here are some tips to learn more about these friends of yours born in the beautiful month of spring, April.

Stubborn and hard-hearted.
Strong-willed and highly motivated.
Sharp thoughts.
Easily angered.
Attracts others and loves attention.
Deep feelings.
Beautiful physically and mentally.
Firm standpoint.
Needs no motivation.
Shy towards opposite sex.
Easily consoled.
Systematic (left brain).
Loves to dream.
Strong clairvoyance.
Sickness usually in the ear and neck.
Good imagination.
Good physical.
Weak breathing.
Loves literature and the arts.
Loves travelling.
Dislike being at home.
Having many children.
High spirited.

Winter Blues Out...
Send your Spring wishes to your friends with this cool ecard.

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Spring That's Packed With Fun !
A funny ecard to spread the Spring cheer in the days of your friend/ sis/ bro/ cuz.

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Mar 23, 2007
Friendship - Pen Pals From Other Cultures

It can be very exciting getting to know people from other countries and other cultures. Friendships with people from foreign lands are to be encouraged and can only benefit everybody concerned. However, if those friendships turn romantic in nature the situation can become a little more complicated.

Of course, getting to know somebody from another country or culture is a life-enriching experience; you begin to see your own culture in a new light and to better understand your place in the world. But what if the friendships begins to turn into a romantic relationship? How do you stand then?

In many ways such a long-distance relationship will be exactly the same as any other romantic relationship, albeit separated by many miles and having the need to communicate by e-mail and other means, perhaps supplemented by holidays in each other's countries. The real difficulty may come when one is contemplating a serious long-term relationship, and the individuals involved in the relationship no longer wish to live apart from each other.

In this case your fascination with the other country and culture may even turn out to be the proverbial two-edged sword. You must be equally as prepared to go to live in the other person's country as he or she must be to go and live in yours -- equality is vital in any relationship. The point is that one of you will have to relocate to another country. Whilst this may seem a fascinating and life-enhancing opportunity at first, with the passing of time adaptation to the new culture and way of life may become strained. Everybody is used to the culture in which they grew up, and nearly everybody will eventually begin to miss their culture when denied it for what may be years at a time.

There is also the issue of close family. You may have to contemplate living apart from your parents or siblings, perhaps seeing them only with a gap of several years in between. Long-distance travel is expensive, and likely to become increasingly so in a world in which air travel is a significant contributor to global warming.

These downsides could be a very real possibility for you; it may be that your new partner's family depend upon him or her financially and therefore there can be no question of your partner leaving his or her country. Then it would be down to you to make the sacrifice. These are things that have to be considered, possibilities that may turn out to actually come about.

None of this is to say that romantic relationships with people from other countries or cultures are in themselves problematic. There are many successful examples of couples who are blissfully happy in which one of them is not living in their country of origin. The purpose of this article is simply to inform, so that if you do choose to begin a relationship with somebody from another country you will be aware of what some of the potential problems might be a few years down the line.

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Mar 22, 2007
Six Songs to Celebrate Friendship

A memory lasts forever. Never does it die. True friends stay together. And never say goodbye. -Anon.

Friendship is based on truth and loyalty. It is one's unbiased faith in the other's unconditional love and belief to stand by. Here are ten songs that celebrate different aspects of friendship.

1. I'll Be There For You-The Rembrandts: This song hit the charts as the soundtrack of the celebrated series on friendship, 'Friends'. Released in the year 1994 as their jingle, the song was later released as a single after being made into a full song owing to its sudden popularity.

2. Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler: Released in 1989 as a single by Bette Midler, the song hit fame as the soundtrack of the movie, Beaches. It was named Record of the Year and Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards in 1990.

3. Seasons In The Sun-Terry Jacks: Released as a single in 1974 by Terry Jacks, the song was first released by English band, The Fortunes in 1968. The song was based on a song called 'Le Moribond' ('The Dying Man') by Jacques Brel.

4. Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion: Released in 1996, a smash hit single from the album, Falling Into You, Because You Loved me was nominated for four Grammy Awards. It won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

5. Annie's Song-John Denver: Released in 1974, this famous love song was written for his then wife, Annie. An ideal expression of true love and friendship, this song is the anthem for celebrating loyal relationships.

6. Photograph-Ringo Starr and George Harrison: Originally written by both of them, the song was released as part of Ringo Starr's album, Ringo. Later it was performed at Harrison's first death anniversary and is said to have made the audience weep at large.

Ringo and George, John and Annie, 'Friends'-the sitcom, all celebrate the friendship season, which actually is all year round! Friendship is about sharing the ups and downs, smiles and frowns, pains and pleasures; simply put being companions, now and forever. Here's to celebrating true friendship!

Feels So Lucky !
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Feeling Warm Nice And Special ?
A cute, fun way to send a hug to your friend/ loved one.

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Mar 21, 2007
Why Friendship And Dating Do Not Go Together
How often do we hear the statement from single people looking for new dates: "I'm seeking friendship first" because they like to get to 'know' the person before delving into anything more intimate. Men in particular, who fear commitment, love to hide behind this condition, while never really achieving their aim. But is such 'friendship' possible? Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? Let's look at the evidence.

Once I got talking online to a seemingly kindly man who fancied me. I explained clearly on the phone that I liked his personality but not enough to take it any further and I didn't think it was a good idea to meet. He felt I was judging him from afar and that I should give him some chance to prove himself, especially when he was merely inviting me to lunch. He was sure that, if I was proved right, we could at least 'be friends'. I was not sure about that but felt I ought to give him the benefit of the doubt to meet up and allow the situation to unfold.

In the end he was old-fashioned in his views, stuck in the past wishing for the 'good old days' and rather mean in affirming people, while being quick with criticism. I didn't warm to him at all and the great personality didn't seem so great in close-up! He also kept grabbing my hand to hold it and I wasn't impressed as I dislike physical contact when I don't feel comfortable. I reminded him of what I had said on the phone and he left the date promising to be 'friends' but was noticeably peeved that I wasn't more amenable to his overtures. I never heard from him again, which did not really surprise me, because his desire for friendship was not genuine in the first place. It was a way to get nearer to me to help me change my mind about him. His ego was hurt and, as 'friendship' was not what he really sought, he didn't care to keep the connection, even though we had shared a very good rapport. And that's what happens in most instances like these. It is difficult to be friends when you fancy the person and wish to get closer to them but they are holding you at arms' length, or vice versa. It is a clear mismatch, and in any mismatch one person is losing out, so friendship isn't possible because it has an unequal and superficial foundation.

Sharing The Same Wavelength !
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The Basis of Genuine Friendship
Genuine friendship originates from understanding another's needs and aspirations and appreciating their pain and joy. It comes out of being able to empathise with them, in both good and bad times. Such knowledge and response are not possible until one knows another for a while and feels comfortable with their presence. Thus true friendship is highly unlikely with anyone we do not know well. When it comes to members of the opposite sex, or instances where there is clear attraction, friendship is the last thing on the cards because the feelings of attraction will overwhelm all other platonic ones and get in the way of real friendship developing.

When we fancy someone we can always fool ourselves that should the fancying not prove mutual, it can then turn into friendship and everyone will be happy. But this seldom happens between two strangers seeking to be affirmed and valued by one another. In any failure to have mutual attraction, one person is bound to feel rejected and so friendship is unlikely in such a scenario because he/she will not feel motivated to get to know the other any better. Their sense of rejection will propel them elsewhere to get the affirmation they seek.

Controlling Factors
Another reason for seeking 'friendship' in the first instance is the desire for control. To prevent being 'hurt', some people believe that seeking friendship first keeps pain at bay. But if there is going to be hurt, no amount of having friendship at the beginning is going to stave off the pain. Such hurt usually comes when we are at the familiar stage in relationships; when we take each other for granted or when one or both parties begin to lose their appeal. Not at the start of the relationship. So seeking friendship first is really delaying the inevitable in a superficial way, especially where one fears commitment, and has little to do with the desire for real friendship. We cannot replace sexual feelings with friendship because friendship is enduring while fancying someone is likely to be fleeting. Putting the two together is a contradiction in itself, especially when true friendship is only possible when the heady feelings of romance have taken their course and we appreciate the person as someone truly valuable in our journey because we have grown to like/love them more.

Next time you are seeking friendship first, ask yourself why you need tons of 'friends' instead of lovers. You might be surprised by the answers you get. Not only that, look back at all the dates that have failed to live up to expectations and count up all the real friendships that emerged from them. You are likely to find that once there was any kind of rejection involved, friendship would be the last thing anyone wanted at the time!

A Special Feeling...
When you've started developing a special feeling towards a close friend send him/ her this ecard and let your feelings be known.

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Mar 20, 2007
Setting Limits In Friendship

Many people find themselves caught up in other's problems, then feel confused about how and when to help.

All relationships need limits whether they are friendships, sibling relations, mate/lovers, business relations, etc.

There are five steps to limit setting:

1. Choosing to set limits. You will tolerate a difficult relationship situation just as long as you choose to tolerate it. You are the one choosing to set boundaries in place.

2. Decide where to set the limits. Think about the entire situation. Consider your time, emotions, and means. Then consider whether you are helping the other person or merely allowing them avoid or postpone his/her own problem solving. Aim to do something to help the other person without taking on the whole problem.

3. Express the limits clearly. For example, you say to your friend, "I will loan you up to $200.00 no more than once every three months. And I expect each loan to be repaid within three months and certainly before you can borrow more.

4.Stick to your limits.You are not responsible for making the other person obey the limits. You are only responsible for following the limits yourself and for reinforcing them

Limit setting is difficult because people mistake it for rejection. However, limits mean that you care enough not to get entangled in your friend, lover, sibling's problems.

Setting limits is a challenging task at work; it often seems an insurmountable task when love is involved. However, like all people skills, setting limits is a process that gets easier with practice.

Down The Memory Lane...
A heartfelt message for your friend/ best buddy/ loved one who's always in your thoughts.

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Difficult Hours !
A heartwarming message for your best buddy/ close pal.

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Mar 18, 2007
Building Romance From Friendship
Friendship is a special bond that extends beyond the barriers of sex differences. A close friendship with the opposite sex may unwind into a beautiful romantic relationship with the passage of time. So women, here are a few tips that will help you to express your feelings for your pal if you prefer him to become your life partner.

An important factor is that since the two of you are friends, you may tend to neglect your looks. Remember that men have an eye for good looks when it comes to a special relationship. So always present yourself attractively yet casually.

Generally getting into the emotional side can flare up an intimacy. Since he is your friend he may seek emotional support from you. So add a little more depth with your emotional support whenever he needs it without transgressing the limitations of friendship if you are still not sure about his feelings for you. If he tends to get emotionally intimate with you then you can expect a green signal as a man generally gets emotionally intimate with the women when he develops a special liking for her. It will not take too long for him to propose you.

Be prepared to remain his friend even if he does not show any keenness for the relationship to mature into a romantic one. Sooner or later there are chances he will understand and accept that a good friend will certainly be a good life partner. The friendship then attains a new coloring with added hues of romance.

For A Friend Who's Understanding...
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Special In Every Way !
A beautiful ecard for your friend/ buddy/ pal/ loved one who's really special to you.

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Mar 16, 2007
Friendly Flirting Or Love- Part II
Hey! Here I am with some more tips for you all to find out whether your female/male friend is just flirting with you or has perhaps crossed the threshold between friendship and love.

Does he/she want to be more than just a friend?
During your regular banter about relationships, if your friend starts singling you out as the ideal man or woman, or starts surpassing physical boundaries while sitting beside you, you may have an admirer on your hands.

Regular eye contact is a very important indicator of the feelings between two individuals. If she/he makes prolonged eye contact with you it could mean something more than just mere flirting. Another indicator is that she mirrors your body language while you talk, extending the sense of closeness you both feel.

Flirtation is fun and playful but if it has no serious feelings behind it, it usually just passes with time. If on the other hand, the two of you have been flirting for a consistently long period of time, there could be deeper feelings in tow. Think back on how your relationship has evolved, is she still seeking you out after you have moved to new flirting grounds?/ if so, it is likely that she has developed a romantic attachment which she cannot let go.

In case you have encountered any of the above indications in your casual flirting with your friend, the time has perhaps arrived to think about whether you wish to seriously think about the relationship and take it to the next level.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Close To My Heart !
Make your friend feel what he/ she is... special.

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Roses Have Bloomed To Say...
Send these friendship roses to your Special
Friend/ loved one and make him/ her smile.

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Mar 15, 2007
Friendly Flirting Or Love- Part I
When men and women spend a lot of time together, flirting becomes a means of communication and entertainment that can make everyday interactions more fun and exciting.
Levels of Attention:
Flirtation is just being flippant and playful.
Friends who don't harbor any real attraction often flirt with one another. However, if a gesture or touch is prolonged, it could mean that she is trying to get your attention to push things a bit farther. You are likely to understand if you are getting more attention than normal. But how to find out if your friend is just plain flirting or serious about you?
Some women and men are just flirty. If you happen to spot them playing around with others as well, you will know that there is hardly anything special in the look he/she gives you. Casual flirting is often a great relaxation and allows freedom from boredom as well.
Interestingly, the key to friendly flirtation is light heartedness and subtlety.Individuals who flirt often with one another may be doing so keeping in mind certain underlying and unsaid boundaries. But if one of the two suddenly becomes more intense, it could indicate deeper feelings.

To find out more, drop in tomorrow.

For Your True Blue Pal !
A warm, interactive, fun ecard for your
best buddy/ friend who has always been there by your side.

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The Truth Of Friendship..
Pour your heart out to your best buddy/ friend with this heartwarming message.

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Mar 14, 2007
Friendship vs. Love
Friendship is a quiet walk in the park with the one you trust.
Love is when you feel like you are the only two around.

Friendship is when they gaze into your eyes and you know they care.
Love is when they gaze into your eyes and it warms your heart.

Friendship is being close even when you are far apart.
Love is when you can still feel their hand on your heart
when they are not near.

Friendship is hoping that they experience the very best.
Love is when you bring them the very best.

Friendship occupies your mind.
Love occupies your soul.

Friendship is knowing that you will always try to be there
when in need.
Love is when you will give up everything to be at their side.

Friendship is a warm smile in the winter.
Love is a warming touch that sends a pulse through your heart.

Love is a beautiful smile to which nothing compares:
A tender laugh, which opens your heart,
A single touch that melts away your fears,
A smell that reminds you of the tenderness of heaven,
A voice that reminds you of the innocence of youth.

Friendship can survive without love.
Love cannot live without friendship.

Cheering You Up On The Dullest Day !
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'The Best Looking Glass...'
Send this warm Friendship quote to your friend who helps bring out the best in you.

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Mar 13, 2007
The Importance of Having Your Spouse As Your Friend
The Importance of Having Your Spouse As Your Friend

Friendship Play a big role in marriage . Its important that a married couple remain Friends forever . I came across a great Post here which talks about the essential Role in having your Spouse as a Friend . Read on to know more.

Dickens’ book, A Tale of Two Cities is one of the classic examples of what friendship means -- to "lay down one’s life".

For marital friendship to be successful, your friendship needs to go beyond the concept of conditional love. You simply can not play the "I’ll give if you give" game.

To be willing to lay down one’s life is to let go of all game-playing, and to be willing to give even if one is not given to.

Game-playing in your marriage is not just the big games married couples sometimes play with one another. You need to notice the little games such as waiting for the toilet paper to be replaced or waiting for the other to take out the trash.

True friends, especially married friends, want to make life better for each other. Married life should be more than just survival or coping. You should be enriching one another's life.

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An Example: Some friends of ours were having a difficult time in their marriage and asked us for help.

After listening to them talk, we thought that writing to each other would be a good beginning. We suggested that they write a small note to one another on a daily basis.

The husband absolutely refused. The wife, who heard us when we mentioned that marriage was a 100/100 proposition, decided to write him a note each day any way.

He refused to read the notes. So, at night, when he was asleep, she would sit on the edge of the bed and read her love notes out loud to him. She did this nightly for six months.

He finally sat up one evening and said, ‘OK...if our relationship means that much to you, I’ll write too.’

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If you don’t know how to do this, ask your spouse.

So...back to the bottom line.

Are you, as a married couple, friends?

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

What do you need to do to be more "friendly" with one another?

How does looking at your marriage in terms of friendship make you feel?
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Mar 12, 2007
Friendship Comments on MySpace For Your Friends
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Mar 10, 2007
How To Initiate Friendships: For Men
Many a Times we often face difficulties while initiating Friendships with Women . Read on to know a few tips on how all of you can be much better in initiating Friendships specially with women

Self confidence and Self-esteem

Attractiveness, self-confidence, and personal charisma are getting women attracted to men Have you been discouraged by the common belief that average looking guys are unattractive to women. Most women are looking for athletes, extrovert, and bold ...

How do you develop fulfilling relationships with women? Don’t you feel beaten down realizing that your low self-esteem and confidence prevents you from approaching and dating women? Some men have had ...

Overcoming shyness and wimpyness
Close cozy relationships with a woman - develop compatible lifestyles In some point of life you’ll decide that being alone and enjoying singles life should not necessarily last forever. Inevitably, you’ll face the ...

Overcoming male’s shyness - Emphasize your character strengths and make them obvious Do you struggle to recognize your character strengths and make them obvious to women? Do you always-think first of your weaknesses instead of strengths? Learn ...

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Cocky & Funny Attitude

Games in a relationship - Learn to communicate with your partner Games in a relationship are quite common although no one-want to be played. Anxious for position is a natural sub-conscious action that we employ to gain the ...

Project your personality and charm and you’ll look attractive to women Have you been wondering what personal values make men interesting and attractive to women? Most men are questioning their self image, their looks and their ...

Obstacles in social contact

Chasing women who are out of your league - being a pickup artist It is possible that some woman might come to love you if you gave her enough time to develop such feelings, but women are subconsciously destined to be more ...

How to make yourself stand out of other males around attractive woman? Do you find yourself hesitant to approach an attractive woman? Attractive will typically have a following of male friends who are just hanging around hoping ...

Romantically flattering women

Chat-up women communicating interest - master friendly and relaxed contact Many guys get stuck when encounter situation they need to approach girl and introduce themselves. This is the whole point of approaching women in a friendly ...

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Importance of looks and physical shape for success with women So frequently you can hear men arguing if the looks and perfect body shape are important for success in love. Would you have more success with women if you had ...

Making relationship special

Make your relationship with a woman advance from friendship into love Do you feel that your relationship have been gradually progressing from friendship into love? In order to learn how to turn a friendship into a love I have ...

What makes a woman suitable mate- Recognize initial attraction and signs of compatibility When it comes to choosing suitable mate and deciding about lifetime commitment to a woman men are no doubt most vulnerable. Searching for a compatible soul ...

Making comfortable acquaintance

Meet attractive women - encounters that would turn into romance Meeting women and making casual acquaintances comes as a difficult task to men that prevent them from enjoying the opportunity to attract and be attracted to ...

Singles Quest - How to meet single women and make casual acquaintances? Single men consider dating and picking up compatible single woman as a big step that one doesn’t enter into lightly. Hard responsibility for a man is to ...

Attracting female's interest and attention

Break out singles life - discover best places to meet and date women When it comes to how we attract women and deciding upon time and places to meet new female prospects, men are at their most vulnerable. Thousand of men ...

Rejected by women - why not approach someone you find less attractive on a desirability scale? Most men would whine they are not capable to keep a relationship going after it had rolled up for any length of time. The only part of a life that a man ...


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Mar 8, 2007
What Friendship Means To Your Teen
Our preadolescent children tend to have friendship activities that focus on their neighborhood, activities, school classes and sports teammates. It is usually not a matter of much choice when being with friends. They tend to pal around with the people who are proximate. But teenagers, as they mature into adults, tend to be more selective of their friends. Friendships for teens are based more on status, common interests, values and personalities. This is an important change for parents to acknowledge. Parents are less likely to know through normal associations with whom their teens are friends. Much of what you may know about their friends is second hand information through your teen or their siblings.Read on to Know what Friendship Means to Your teen

Teens' Friends Become Part of their Baseline. During their childhood years, your children tend to look to mom, dad and siblings for their emotional needs. As the teenager years unfold, and the teen becomes more independent from parents, the close emotional relationships tend to move more toward their peers. Our teens will largely find their needs for understanding, support and guidance coming more from friends than from family. It is a natural part of growing up, but can be a little disconcerting for a father or mother.

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Friends Define Social Status. I always have remembered the line from Ferris Buehler's Day Off where the school secretary says that the "jocks, motorheads, stoners, sluts, bloods, dweebs, and brains all think that Ferris is a righteous dude." Every high school and junior high school has its groups or cliques. Our teens usually will find themselves in one of these groups, largely based on the friends they choose. Our daughter noticed this right away in her first high school because there was a "cowboy hall" where the kids with jeans, boots and big buckles all hung out. So they will tend to affiliate with the groups where they have friends and feel comfortable.

Teen Friendships Move From Same Gender to Other Gender. For most children, their early friendships are mostly same gender. Best friends are almost always two boys or two girls. But as teens mature and the hormones take over, friendships begin to shift into mixed groups of boys and girls, and later to some level of pairing off. Early teen friendship groups help teens explore their new feelings and get to a comfort level with the opposite sex. This again is a very natural part of the maturing process and if handled properly should not be feared by dads.

Teens' Social Needs Differ. Any parent who has had more than one teenager recognizes that their social development comes in different stages and cycles. One of our daughters was kind of a homebody growing up; the other we could scarcely keep home long enough to wash her clothes. Both styles were good, and met their different social needs. Moms and dads will often have a tendency to try to push children into a stage for which they many not be prepared. But unless your teen has a pathological fear of friendships, you should let them move at their own speed into closer friendships and relationships.

Thanks For Being There

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Mar 6, 2007
Wish a" Happy Women's Day" To Your Women Friends
Its Women's day on 8th March . Go ahead and wish your Women Friends on International Womens day .
International Women’s Day has evolved into a popular worldwide celebration that has seen it genesis in a saga of struggles by women against all odds to bring about equality, peace and justice in a patriarchal society. For times immemorial women had to make fervent effort to establish a respectable place for themselves. International Women’s Day is rooted in centuries of strife and revolt.You can check out this blog where you will find some great resources on women's day starting from women's day movies , latest Style Statements of Gen X women , ways to ensure a smooth break up from your partner, and also some great Women's Day MySpace Comments

Wish Your Friend a Happy Women's Day

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To Your Amazing Woman Friend

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Mar 1, 2007
Top 10 Oprah Winfrey Celebrity Friends
Top 10 Oprah Winfrey Celebrity Friends

Even though Oprah Winfrey has lived in Chicago since 1983, some say she's like a ghost around town, always talked about, but rarely seen. "I'm not social. Nor am I all that friendly," Oprah has said of herself. We all know about Oprah's partner, Stedman Graham, and her long-time friend and confidant, Gayle King. But outside those two, who are some of Oprah's celebrity friends? Here, in alphabetical order, are our best guesses of who, among the famous, Oprah keeps close to her published recently in the Chicago page

1) Oprah Winfrey and Bob Greene
Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer, is not as well known as Dr. Phil, but then Dr. Phil is not really an "Oprah friend" as much as a business partner. Bob Greene, on the other hand, seems to be an Oprah "business partner/employee/friend" all rolled into one.

2) Oprah Winfrey and Diana Ross
There's nothing like having idols… and then growing up and have those childhood idols look up to you. Oprah might have thought it was wonderful to be a Supreme, but Diana Ross has to admit that "Nobody says 'No' to Oprah!"

3) Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry
Of all the people on this list, this is the only one that's a toss-up. Are Oprah and Halle Berry really, really friends? Some gossip rags will have you to believe that yes, they really, really are.

4) Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton
How many times have you heard Oprah make a political statement or endorse a political candidate? You can count the times on the fingers of one hand (and still have a few digits to spare). So when she endorsed Hillary for President of the United States, you know there has to be more there than mere politics:

5) Oprah Winfrey and John Travolta
When Oprah, who has movie stars on her show all the time, says of an actor that he's "her favorite movie star" and then puts the statement on her Web site for everybody to see (and hear), you know that she must really, really like him.

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6) Oprah Winfrey and Maria Shriver
Oprah endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and The Terminator for Governor of California? Does that really make sense? Not unless you chalk it up to being loyal to a friend to whom Oprah feels really, really close to. In fact, it's quite possible Maria Shriver is Oprah's closest celebrity friend.

7) Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou
Oprah has called Maya Angelou a "mentor-mother-sister-friend" and credits her with teaching her "life-changing lessons." Unlike other Oprah mentors like Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou is a real friend to Oprah, perhaps because they have a lot of shared experiences and interests.

8) Oprah Winfrey and Stevie Wonder
He sang "Isn't She Lovely," to her and she gave him… a $400,000 Phantom Rolls-Royce? That's what I call being good friends!

9) Oprah Winfrey and Tina Turner
Oprah Winfrey might have met Tina Turner for the first time in 1997, but the two women connected immediately. An interview the two of them gave to USA TODAY reporter Edna Gundersen shows why the two of them feel so comfortable together.

10) Oprah and Vernon Winfrey
Oprah has said (over and over again) that she owes a lot of what she has to the fact that she went to live with her father after her disastrous early years with her mother. Unlike some other members of her family, from whom Oprah seems to be distanced, Oprah does seem to have a warm friendship with her father. Now, you may not think of Vernon Winfrey as a celebrity, but it's not because he hasn't tried, as this article seems to prove:

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