Mar 18, 2007
Building Romance From Friendship
Friendship is a special bond that extends beyond the barriers of sex differences. A close friendship with the opposite sex may unwind into a beautiful romantic relationship with the passage of time. So women, here are a few tips that will help you to express your feelings for your pal if you prefer him to become your life partner.

An important factor is that since the two of you are friends, you may tend to neglect your looks. Remember that men have an eye for good looks when it comes to a special relationship. So always present yourself attractively yet casually.

Generally getting into the emotional side can flare up an intimacy. Since he is your friend he may seek emotional support from you. So add a little more depth with your emotional support whenever he needs it without transgressing the limitations of friendship if you are still not sure about his feelings for you. If he tends to get emotionally intimate with you then you can expect a green signal as a man generally gets emotionally intimate with the women when he develops a special liking for her. It will not take too long for him to propose you.

Be prepared to remain his friend even if he does not show any keenness for the relationship to mature into a romantic one. Sooner or later there are chances he will understand and accept that a good friend will certainly be a good life partner. The friendship then attains a new coloring with added hues of romance.

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