Sep 11, 2007
For a Friend Who is an Angel
Do you have a friend who makes your life really worth living? A friend who is always there for you, and is a shoulder to cry on? Such friends are angels and true messengers of God! Not everybody is fortunate to have such trusted friends. If you have a friend who makes you smile and is always by your side, send him/her your warm wishes and say that you are truly blessed to have them as friends!

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Send a "Hello" to your Friends
Are you outta touch with your friends? Do not worry! Friendship needs constant nourishment and inspiration to make it everlasting. An occasional hi or hello keeps friendship ticking and binds two friends together. Catch up with your dear friends once in a while, to avoid friendship to come to a close. We need our friends all the time. So it's necessary to keep in touch with pals by sending warm "wassup", "hello", or "how's it going" wishes. Connect with your buddies with this cool "hello" greetings and make your friendship stronger!

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Send this Friendship Hello eCard !


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Sep 4, 2007
I Wanna Be Friends With You!
Do you wish to make new friends? Thinking of becoming friends with someone lately? Wait no more! Now making friends has become simpler and faster than ever and you can be friends with somebody in just seconds! Making friends is now just a click away. Just send in these cute, "I wanna be friends with you" e-cards to one whom you want as a friend, and make the bond last forever!

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Send this Want to be Friends eCard !

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More wanna be friends and friendship blossoms greetings


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