Apr 9, 2008
Friend comments - Free Friendship Greeting Card

Have we ever thought on the different kinds of friends that exist. I mean to say there are pen friends, Internet friend, school friends, college buddies, childhood friends, and so on. But now that astronauts day is here,which is April 9, I was wondering that aliens can also be considered our friends in a way. From time immemorial, human have speculated on the existence of aliens. Numerous experiments, space voyages have been made in order to find the alien or E.Ts existence, but in vain. How can people also forget the huge number of movies that were made on aliens. While in few movies, they are depicted as harmless friends, some movies also depict humans in a war with them. Lets consider that somewhere in this vast wide universe, with the millions and millions of galaxies, aliens exist. And today on Astronauts day, let's celebrate this friendship with the stars, the aliens and our link with them – the astronauts. Happy Astronaut Day. Hope you guys like these free cards on friendship. Send this cards to all your friends , and someone who gives a thought on aliens and the wide world outside our planet.

Astronaut Day Cards

A Great Friend! Make your friend feel special with this galactic e-wish.
Your Love Oxygen! Express your love for your sweetheart/spouse with this unique e-wish.

Liftoff To Landing! Zoom in with a big 'Hi' for your near and dear ones.
Towards Your Starry Destination! Inspire your loved ones to reach for their goal with this starry e-wish.
Friendship Cards
Lend A Hand! A warm assurance for your dear pal.
A Tight Hug... A warm wish wrapped in love for your dear one.

Friendship Is Faith! A warm Friendship ecard for your 'Best Friend'/buddy.
Best Girl Friends! A cool Friendship ecard for your best pal.


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