Feb 5, 2007
How to make New Friends

Trying to be friends is not easy. All involved must take part. When only one side works at the friendship it will definitely die. The type of friends whom you want to cultivate lifelong is rare but at the same time having such Friends make life worth living

New friends appear to keep you young. If you have not had three to four new friends in the last year ask yourself if you have been....

Self-involved: Boring, overbearing or uninterested in others.Out of Balance: Are you a loner, a workaholic or are others not willing to be honest and learn about you?I

Inactive: Cultivating and maintaining friendships take a lot of work not just on your side.Not Enough Time: How will you enjoy life to the fullest without finding the time?

Put your friends on your Calendar: Set aside time to spend with your friends. You can spend time with them physically or by telephone and chatting on the Internet. Also writing and sending by mail, fax or E-mailing them keeps the friendship alive. Make the time with them important.

Try taking the Initiative: Having acquaintances as friends can be easy. You can have a dinner at your home or go out for one. If you have an extra ticket offer it to your acquaintance. Get both families together. Go to the movies, the mall or just for a ride.

Get use to Listening: After asking your friend a question. Do not get use to using the answer to talk about yourself.

Assess before Invest: Having a new friend is an investment of time, energy and spirit.
Ask these questions to yourself:

Are you happy to see this person?At times do you see this person out of obligation or social climbing?Do you respect this individual?Do you care about their well-being?Are you interested in the individuals mind, experiences or problems?

Friendship Leading to Love
Be Straightforward: If this friendship is to lead to an important relationship you need to expose all of you. This will help the other person to learn about you. Honesty is the best policy.Remember: Try not to bring your personal problems with you. We all have problems throughout our lives. We need to control our troubles. As a relationship grows people should be able to express their problems and get help and support.

An Overworked Life
Remain Connected with Friends: Keeping regular contact with friends is the main base of a friendship. As a real friend it is your responsibility to pick up the telephone, E-mail, mail or fax your friends. Informing them that you are busy but you are thinking about them is important.
Asking your friend how he/she is doing is very important. Also try to return a friends telephone call, E-mail or other contact within 24 hours. This will also let them know you respect them. See how they respond.Remember: If you or your friend do not respect and show your friendship the odds are it will not last.

Attempt Harmony: If you have opened yourself up and your friend has not be careful. Friends need to open up and let each other know who they really are. A friendship does not mean you must be 100% the same.

When a friend is in need all they have to do is ask for help. We do not have to have all the answers. Also do not manipulate. That will cause the friendship to eventually end.

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