Feb 23, 2007
Friendship Between Husband and Wife
When it comes to a successful relationship for the lifetime, friendship is a most important part of it. Husband and wife truly become best friends at the twilight of their life. All other relations seem vain and only true partnership continues.

That is the most ideal time when they really cherish the strength of the trust grown in between them. Its all about caring, sharing and loving each other, but at the same time it it about a healthy friendship. Friendship definitely grow spontaneously among lovers in any true love relationship. When your partner has started to understand words unuttered, began to read your mind as an open book... offer you help before you ask for it, and thus fulfill all the needs and limit, it is a result of true friendship.

There are many famous couples who were friends at first and then started dating each other. When friends become couples often their marriage last more than ordinary couples. The sense of aloofness and insecurity hardly come because friendship suffice the fact how better you understand and fulfill each other. Sometimes couples also become friends after marriage. And because of the strength of the bonding, their marriage lasts of a lifetime. These are some couples who are lifetime friends:
1.Ulysses and Penelope
2.Pierre Curie and Marie Curie
3.Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton
4.Bill Gates and Melinda Gates
5.David and Victoria Beckham
6.Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi
7.P B Shelly and Merry Shelly
8.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
9.John Travolta and Kelly Preston
10.Ike and Tina Turner

Research suggest that 66.54% successful married couples over the world are good friends. Friendship does not mean only helping mates but it also mean supporting your partner, specially in case of married couples. According to some noted psychologists friends who get married face certain problems. They hesitate to involve sexually and physically at the primary level. But when Cupid's arrow strikes, very few can escape. Many philosophers believe that friendship is often born after living together and understanding each other's needs.

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  • At March 9, 2007 at 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

    So Nice...It's inspiring me and my wife. D'n'L

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