Aug 14, 2007
The Chemistry of Friendship
There's something deeply embedded in our hearts, when it comes to friendship; an invisible chemistry that binds two people together. What is friendship? It's a million dollar question! We strive for true friendship, which is extremely rare! In this age of stiff neck competition and infidelity, there are hardly any examples of true friendships. It is sad, but true. Friends are gifts from God and friendship is truly divine. Friends should be there for each other all the time. It feels pathetic when friends start speaking or acting behind your back and betray with you.

Most friendships break because of trivial causes and misunderstandings. Open talk and interaction is very important in every relationship. Friends are no exceptions. When two people become friends, there are lot of expectations from both sides. Both should be committed enough to make it a lasting bond. Selfishness, mean thoughts, false assumptions, and back stabbing kills friendship. Once a friendship is broken, it cannot be recovered. So it is very important that we do not put ourselves to shame, by betraying with a friend.

On Friendship Week(Aug 19 - 25 ), lets celebrate the eternal bond of friendship and cheer up our friends. Walk that extra mile to make your friend feel really special!


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